About Dr. Linda Matz

Dr. Linda Matz has been a practicing chiropractor for 24 years in Missoula Montana. She has worked with infants, children and adults with a vast array of physical challenges and dysfunctions. From very serious and complicated conditions to more subtle concerns  and people who just want their family to function at there best. As a third generation chiropractor she has been involved in wholistic and integrative medicine most of her life. Working with her father and siblings that are all chiropractors, from a very young age. During this time she became passionate about using methods of care that allow the body to deeply heal and function optimally first.

Dr. Matz has 3 children which furthered her interest in care of infants and expecting mothers. She incorporates her background and education in psychology, child development, communication, neurosciences, nutrition, exercise, upper cervical and gentle chiropractic, trigger point therapy body talk, and the Gillespie Approach for infants into her practice. The need and recognition for non invasive care for infants to help babies function at their best and be happy is her primary focus today. As she believes it's one of the foundations for a brighter future.