About Gillespie Approach

The Brain has to Breathe.
The Fascia has to be free. 
- Dr. Barry Gillespie

Craniosacral therapy was one of the great scientific discoveries of the twentieth century. Dr. William Sutherland found that the brain and spinal cord have a slight gentle motion, which has a profound effect on how the central nervous system works.

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) adds the critical aspects of fascia and dental issues to his work. The fascia is a full body connective tissue web that can apply tremendous pressure to the nerves, muscles, organs, and bones.

The power of CFT revolves around the integration of hands-on procedures that facilitate healing without drugs, vitamins, supplements, technology or surgery. A freely moving brain and unrestricted fascia are a must for all newborns, children and adults.