Happy Baby Stories



I have been a patient of Dr. Linda's for almost two years. I saw her through my pregnancy which helped keep me aligned for an easier delivery. She would tell me stories of how craniosacral fascial release and chiropractic care can help babies with many different problems. After my son was born, he had a lot of trouble with spitting up and colic. He would cry for hours at night and we just did not know what to do. When he was three weeks old, I started bringing him to see Dr. Linda. Before she started working on him she explained how tension would release from his body and brain and even showed me how much gentle pressure she would use. When she began to work on him, she started with his legs, shoulders and neck. She gently held his head while he would settle into the treatment. Her touch was so comforting that my son trusted her and he seemed to enjoy every minute of the visit. After the first day, my son was spitting up less and taking better naps throughout the day. He even had better bowel movements. I have been taking him for three weeks now and I have noticed a huge change in his mood and alertness. He is so happy and smiles all the time. My son's tummy troubles are minimal, and he is even starting to sleep longer during the night. I really feel that craniosacral fascial release for my son was the right decision. We are looking forward to continuing his care. - Jaime L.

Sleep Issues

Our son Devin hadn't been sleeping well at night so we decided to try going to Dr. Linda. We noticed an improvement after the very first appointment. He was sleeping better and was much less gassy. Each subsequent appointment was better than the last. You could tell even during the appointments he was doing better. At the first appointment he was a little fussy and by the last one he was smiling and happy! Thank you! - Katie B.



Digestive Issues

Shortly after Greta was born it became apparent that she was generally uncomfortable and fussy. She had restricted movement in her neck along with stomach discomfort and painful straining with bowel movements, sometimes going a week and a half between movements. After enduring almost a year of severe 'colic' with my son we were desperate to find some relief for our new baby. My midwife recommended Dr. Linda who happened to already be our family chiropractor. Over the years we have recommended her over and over again to friends and family for her work on my husband and me and we decided to give it a try. Greta first saw Dr. Linda at 3 weeks old for a chiropractic adjustment and cranial sacral therapy. Her discomfort was immediately improved and over a brief period of time the cranial sacral therapy has helped her system to normalize. As a mom, there's nothing more frustrating that not having answers. What a relief  to be holding our happy 3 month old and knowing that we were able to figure out how to alleviate her pain and discomfort. Thank you Dr. Linda for being part of the solution. - Rachel


The Gillespie Approach has been a godsend! My daughter was so stiff it caused pain and she could not latch to breastfeed. We couldn't even dress her without pain. Now she is breastfeeding exclusively, can move and squirm with ease and can get dressed easily. It's like having a whole new baby! She is so happy which makes me happy. I recommend this to every mother and father. Happy baby equals happy parents! - Phoenix U.

Ear Infection

We first came to Dr. Linda when our daughter was a year old. She had chronic ear infections since she was four months old. She'd had ear tubes put in and numerous rounds of antibiotics. None of which solved her ear infections. After several visits with Dr. Linda she stopped getting ear infection after ear infection. Our daughter is now seven and doing well and only coming in for the occasional adjustment. Thanks Dr. Linda! - The Schotts